Automate your
Asana projects.

Supercharge the ease, speed and reliability

of your Asana work management

With Flowsana you can automate your Asana projects and tasks, providing a big leap forward in control and performance.

The automation features of Flowsana help your company produce better outcomes more efficiently – freeing you and your colleagues to focus on the important things that drive results.

Flowsana automates the complexity of setting and re-setting deadlines, process steps and dependencies for any project or workstream.

It’s a powerful aid in reducing the effort – and errors – that can occur when even your best people are under pressure to manually make changes that filter down through complex and interdependent steps.

Imagine Asana... even easier, faster, more reliable.

What can Flowsana do for me?

Let Flowsana automatically adjust your tasks.

With Flowsana's Auto-Adjust Workflow, whenever you shift the start or due date of a task, Flowsana automatically shifts all of its dependent tasks accordingly. And it takes weekends into account in its calculations.

No more trying to select and manually drag groups of tasks (then having to review each one and adjust for weekends).

Auto-Adjust Workflow

Manage projects using task durations.

Flowsana's Dynamic Duration Workflow lets you build templates based on task durations. Then when you start a new project based on that template, simply fill in the project's start date and Flowsana automatically sets the correct dates for all of the project's tasks.

Whenever you need to make an adjustment to a task, just modify its duration and Flowsana automatically adjusts all of its dependent tasks.

Dynamic Duration Workflow

Automate with If-Then Rules.

Flowsana lets you build any number of If-Then Rules to automate a wide variety of actions within Asana. Rules can be triggered based on tags, user assignments, project columns and sections, and more. And Flowsana fully supports custom fields!

You can automate actions such as making project and user assignments, moving tasks to columns and sections, assigning tags, setting custom fields, and more.

Just as one simple illustration, you can build the rule: If a task is marked Complete, move it to the Done column.

Rule Workflow

Supercharge your Asana forms.

Flowsana gives your Asana forms new capabilities. Now you can set start and due dates for your form submissions, and assign the form to users based on information within the form fields.

Additionally, you can send an email confirmation to the form submitter, so they know their input was received - and you can customize the subject and body of the email as you choose!

Asana form

Add detail to your tasks using hashtags.

Flowsana allows you to enter and modify fields and elements on a task, just by typing hashtags anywhere within the task's Description field.

Using hashtags, you can add tags to a task, assign the task to someone, attach it to additional projects, and give it a due date.

For example, adding #proximity #Fri #nick lee will add your tag "Proximity" to the task, will set its due date to this coming Friday, and will assign it to Nick Lee.

Hashtag Automation

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Flowsana work with the Basic (free) version of Asana?

Auto-Adjust and Dynamic Duration workflows require that you have a paid Asana plan (Premium, Business, or Enterprise) because they make use of start dates, custom fields, and task dependencies, none of which are available in the Asana Basic plan. However, Rule workflows work fine using the Basic plan; the only limitation is that you cannot create rules involving custom fields.

Q. Do I need to install anything to use Flowsana?

No! Flowsana is a service. Once you connect Flowsana to your Asana account, Flowsana works in the background to monitor and automate your Asana projects.

Q. What does Flowsana cost?

Sign up for a free 30-day trial. No credit card is required to begin. At the end of your trial period, you can choose to subscribe for just $2.99/month (USD) per billable user, where billable users are the number of Asana users in your teams (or workspaces if you don't use teams) which have Flowsana workflows in place. Like Asana, there is no charge for guest members.

Q. I still have a question. How do I contact you?

Check our Support site or Send us an email.