Flowsana Update: New Features and More

I’m happy to announce the addition of two new rule actions, and some performance improvements and bug fixes.

New rule action: Email Notifications!
Users can now receive an email notifying them whenever any rule condition is met. You can get notified when a certain tag is added or removed from a task, when a custom field is set to a particular value, and much more. You can choose to have notifications go to the task’s assignee, to all task followers, or to all members of the project. Check it out in If-Then Rules.

New rule action: Move to Project
Another new rule action was recently added to Flowsana: Move to project. This is a close cousin of the Add to project action that already existed. Now, though, you can choose to move a task out of the current project and over into a new one, based on the results of any condition. Move to project is now live in If-Then Rules.

Performance improvements and squashed bugs
Flowsana depends on the Asana API (“application programming interface”) to do its thing, and as a result is subject to certain limitations in performance. Having said that, I’m committed to improving Flowsana’s performance and speeding it up wherever possible. This will be an ongoing effort and you can expect to see incremental gains over time.

Recently some internal changes were implemented as a first step toward this goal. Your mileage will vary based on a number of factors, but you should in general see improvements of 15-20% in speed and response time to Asana changes.

Additionally, I’ve been busy finding and squashing bugs, and a number of those have been resolved in the past week or so. If you previously found that Flowsana did not do what you expected it to do, please first do a full refresh (by clicking the Refresh ALL Asana data option on the Add Workflow page of the Flowsana website) and then try your workflow again. And if you have any questions or issues at all, please don’t hesitate to write to