Introducing… the new Flowsana app

Since its inception, Flowsana has had its own web portal, located at, and that’s where one goes to create and manage one’s Flowsana workflows.

Asana has now introduced a new feature, called App Components. This feature allows third-party applications to present themselves in certain specific locations within the Asana interface itself. Pretty cool!

One of these locations is in the Asana rule builder; specifically, Asana now allows third-party behaviors to be chosen as actions in Asana rules.

We are proud to announce that Flowsana is now available in the Asana rule builder, as one of just four third-party applications involved in the initial launch of App Components. All of the unique capabilities of Flowsana rule actions can now be incorporated directly into your Asana rules, right within Asana, without ever having to visit the Flowsana web portal!

Important Notes & Details

  • The feature has just entered a public beta phase, so there may be some glitches as we and Asana work out the kinks in this exciting new capability. Please contact Flowsana support if you encounter any issues.
  • This integration does require access to custom rules, which means you’ll need an Asana Business or Enterprise subscription. For those at the Basic or Premium Asana subscription level, the Flowsana web portal will always be available for you – it’s not going anywhere.
  • Lastly, this doesn’t involve any changes in terms of Flowsana accounts and billing – a Flowsana rule action used in Asana is treated the same as if you built that rule in the Flowsana portal.

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