Team Billing Is Here

Flowsana’s billing system was initially based on the total number of Asana users in your organization or workspaces which contained workflow-enabled projects. We call that total your Flowsana “Billable Users” count.

We recognized that in many cases, members of an organizational team wanted to take advantage of Flowsana for their team-centered work. It was not practical for them to pay for users in other teams who may not be using Flowsana, or who they should not be paying for out of their team’s budget.

As a result, we’ve changed the Flowsana billing system to be team-based rather than organization-based. Effective now, if you use teams as part of your Asana implementation, you’ll only be billed for Asana users within the specific teams in which you’ve set up workflow-enabled projects.

This change was rolled out over last weekend. If you visit your My Account page on the Flowsana website, you’ll see your new team-based Billable Users counts and total.

If you tried Flowsana but elected not to subscribe due to the cost, you might want to check your My Account page — we’ve updated it for expired subscriptions so you can see what your cost savings would be. If you’d like to reactivate your free trial, please write to and let us know.