Enhanced Forms support – now you can set a form’s due date, assignee; send confirmation email to submitters

Announcing a new Forms Support feature in Flowsana! With this set of capabilities, you can do the following:

Have an email notification sent to the form submitter

You can choose to have form submitters automatically receive an email confirmation, letting them know their submission has been successfully received. The email will contain the contents of their submission; in addition, you have the ability to enter your own desired Subject line, as well as any text you want to put in the email body above the submission information.

Have Start Date and/or Due Date set

Whenever a form is submitted and it creates a task, you can have the task’s Start Date and/or Due Date automatically set. These dates can be based on either the form’s submission date or on a date the user enters in a form field. And you can define a number-of-days offset as well.

Here are some examples:

This will set the task’s start date to 2 days following the form’s submission date.

This will set the task’s start date to 7 days prior to the date the user enters into the “Date Needed” field on the form.

Have the task assigned to a user

You can choose to have the task automatically assigned to a user. You have two options: you can select a specific user and always have the form’s task assigned to that user, or you can have the assignee set from a field on the form.

(The first of those options is already available as part of Asana Forms on the Asana Business-level subscription, but this makes it available to Premium users.)