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Support added for Multi-select, People, and Date custom fields

We are happy to announce that Flowsana’s rules now support triggers and actions involving multi-select, people, and date custom field types!

Multi-select and People fields

For trigger conditions, this means you can trigger a rule based on the values in a Multi-select or People field; for example:

Note that unlike Asana’s rule trigger, in Flowsana you have the option to run a rule based on ONLY a certain set of values being set:

For rule actions, you can have a rule set a Multi-value or People field to a certain set of options or add options to any existing ones. Note that unlike Asana’s rule action, you can also REMOVE certain options:

Date fields

With Flowsana, you can now trigger rules based on date custom fields, and you can set a date field – even relative to any other date field!

For triggers, you can run a rule based on a relative date of any date-type custom field. This works the same as triggers on the built-in start date and due date fields. For example:

Note that just like for start and due date, Flowsana will trigger a date-based rule both immediately if a custom date changes, and also at midnight each day if appropriate.

For date actions, we’ve actually created a whole new rule action called Set a date field to…

This action lets you set the date of an Asana date field – either its due date or any custom date – relative to any other date field! Here are a few examples:


Note: the features mentioned here are currently available only when building rules in the Flowsana web portal, because the Asana rule builder doesn’t provide support for external apps to utilize multi-select and people fields. We are hoping this will change in the future!

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