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Flowsana Rule Workflow Updates

We are here to announce some updates to Rule Workflows!

Skip Weekends

In the “Set a date field” rule action, which was recently introduced, we’ve added a “Skip Weekends” option:

This option ensures that whatever date is calculated and set, it will never fall on a Saturday or Sunday. If Flowsana sees that a date it’s about to set would fall on one of those days, it will move it to the following Monday (or if it’s going backward via a “days before” action, to the previous Friday).

Check if the subtask assignee matches the parent’s assignee

In the “If task is assigned to…” rule trigger condition, we’ve added the option to check the parent’s assignee:


This means you can take an action on a subtask only if it has the same assignee as its parent.

Assign subtask to the parent’s assignee

In the rule action for “Assign task to…”, you can now automate setting a subtask to its parent’s assignee:


Set a subtask date based on its parent’s due date

When using our rule action to set a date, you can now use the parent’s due date as the starting point:

IMPORTANT: These enhancements are currently available when creating rules in the Flowsana web portal, and within the next few weeks they should also be available within the Asana rule builder when creating custom rules.

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