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Flowsana Rule Updates: Add a comment; Know about holidays/vacations/time off

We’ve just released two enhancements to Flowsana’s rules capabilities!

“Add a comment” rule action

You can now add a comment to the task that triggers the rule, and of course, you specify the text of that comment.

Also, if you use Flowsana’s Variable Substitution feature and include {task.Assignee} or {project.Name} in the comment text, Flowsana will convert that to an @mention.

“If the task falls during a holiday or time off… ” rule trigger condition

That’s right, you can now specify holidays and time off for your users, and create Flowsana rules that respond to a task being assigned to someone when they will be away from work.

For this rule condition, you just create a calendar project which identifies peoples’ time off, and the rule uses this information. See this Flowsana help article for full details on how this rule trigger condition works.

You can use this trigger condition along with the new rule action to add a task comment which alerts the assignee of a conflict with their time off, or to send them an email notification, for example.